Benefits of Joining an Honor Society

05 Jun

Doing good in your academics is such a big achievement. With the bulk of materials covered in class and the pace of how every chapters are discussed, being able to maintain high GPA will demand tremendous effort, dedication and discipline. Since earning good grades in tertiary level is a wonderful accomplishment, most of the high achieving students get attention of both online and campus based honor societies.

If you've received membership offers to any of these societies, then following are the reasons you should accept it.

Reason number 1. Meet new people - joining any club can provide you awesome opportunity to meet new people however, joining honor society also allows you to meet other students who are dedicated and motivated as you do in hitting their academic goals. Not just that honor societies can help in forming friendship, it can introduce you as well to meeting people who can improve your performance at everything you do. Learn more about education at

Reason number 2. Improve your resume - despite the fact that having high GPA speaks for itself, joining honor society helps in boosting your resume even more. Employers typically look for job applicants who've shown involvement in extracurricular activities in college. Therefore, joining Honor Society can bolster your appeal when applying for a job.

On the other hand, joining Honor Society to just have something added to your resume might not be a smart move. Many different employers want to see that you're active in that organization and if you were not, your membership will be less likely impressive.

Reason number 3. Receive benefits as being a member - in return for paying the membership fee, many of the honor societies are offering exclusive benefits to all of its members including scholarships, access to job banks and even study overseas. A lot of the honor societies are offering lifetime membership which typically includes permanent access to bank jobs and several other useful benefits.

Reason number 4. Network with leaders - networking with the national, international and local leaders are sure to provide you measurable head start when embarking on your job search. While most of the colleges are offering job fairs as well as other networking opportunities to its students, honor societies typically offer additional networking opportunities exclusively for its members. By simply attending to these networking events hosted by honor societies, both employers and leaders can recognize you in almost an instant that you're a dedicated and committed students even before they see and review your resume.

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